About Us

About Lola and Blake

All our products centre around sleep.  From classic cut pyjamas + babygrows through to quilts + washbags, we’re on a mission, to promote sleep + all its benefits, especially in little ones.  Our aim is to banish the cultural, modern day negativity associated with sleep + how it seems to be the last of our health priorities. We want to move away from the “you snooze, you lose” mindset + instil good sleep habits for our littlest loves. Do keep an eye on our soon to launch Blog which will go into more detail on all things sleep and L+B related!

Our hand-painted designs were created with a desire to conjure up feeling of nostalgia, with classic cuts, piping + features such as pockets + pearlised buttons; yet unique, imaginative fabrics. Hopefully making bedtime a fun experience.  Our British designed collections are 200 thread count, 100% Indian cotton. We’ve used the finest cotton weave to ensure it feels soft + smooth against even the most sensitive of skin.

Give the gift of sleep to your child, instil those good habits + see their development and productivity flourish.  We’re on the brink of a sleep revolution, Lola + Blake want to be part of it!

Sweet dreams.